How long...?

Joskus tulee tilanteita, jolloin jo olemassaoleva, valmiiksi kirjoitettu rukous osuu paremmin asian ytimeen kuin oma yritys pukea sanoiksi sisällä olevat ajatukset. Samoin joskus käy niin, että jonkun laulun sanat kiteyttävät hyvin sen, mitä mielessä liikkuu. Tänään tuli sellainen hetki, kuunnellessani erästä vanhaa tuttua laulua:

We have sung our songs of victory
We have prayed to You for rain;
We have cried for Your compassion
To renew the land again.
Now we’re standing in Your presence,
More hungry than before;
Now we’re on Your steps of mercy,
And we’re knocking at Your door.

How long before You drench the barren land?
How long before we see Your righteous hand?
How long before Your name is lifted high?
How long before the weeping turns to songs of joy?

Lord, we know Your heart is broken
By the evil that You see,
And You’ve stayed Your hand of judgement
For You plan to set men free.
But the land is still in darkness,
And we’ve fled from what is right;
We have failed the silent children
Who will never see the light.

But I know a day is coming
When the deaf will hear His voice,
When the blind will see their Saviour,
And the lame will leap for joy.
When the widow finds a Husband
Who will always love His bride,
And the orphan finds a Father
Who will never leave her side.

How long before Your glory lights the skies?
How long before Your radiance lifts our eyes?
How long before Your fragrance fills the air?
How long before the earth resounds with songs of joy?

Stuart Townend, 1997

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